Past Events

Drop in to ‘Our Time of Silence’ was held on Thursday 5th October at the Waldrons, Cullompton. Local Quakers invited non-quakers to drop in on ‘Our time of Silence’. The theme was ‘Be a human being, not a human doing’ with a view to bringing Peace, Tranquility and Silence to our busy 21st Century lives.


Dawn Meeting for Worship –  Sunday 1st October. 

As part of World Quaker Day, Friends World Committee for Consultation organised a chain of Meetings for Worship across the world.


Book Share Lunch on Sunday 24 September after Meeting for Worship

pile of booksFollowing Meeting for Worship, a group met happily together on Sunday 24 September for our fifth book share.   Over a shared lunch we heard about these books:

  • I captured a castle by Dodie Smith
  • Resurgence & Ecologist magazine celebrates diversity and present ideas, analysis and inspiration for a resilient and sustainable future.
  • Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington
  • The History of Myth by Karen Armstrong
  • Timeless Simplicity by John Lane
  • Kitchen Blues for body and soul by Rabbi Lionel Blue
  • Better Cookery by Aileen King


Heritage Open Days – Sunday 10th September

Spiceland, is the oldest Quaker Meeting House in Devon, complete with thatched linhay, ancient and new green burial ground, in delightful grounds and rural setting.   It was a pleasure to participate again in the Heritage Open Days scheme.


Spiceland Garden Party – Saturday 22nd July

Tea, cakes, singing, plant stall and a Bring-Your-Own picnic.


Building the New Economy – Saturday June 24th 2017

A team from Quaker Peace & Social Witness ran a workshop at Spiceland on the New Economy.  In which 31 people gathered to consider what an economy based on Quaker principles might look like.  People came from around the Area Meeting, other Quaker meetings, local Transition groups and purely because they had heard about it and were interested in the subject.

The morning was led by Cait Crosse of the QPSW New Economy Project.  Discussion was lively and we looked at questions such as:

  • What is the economy?
  • What would an economy based on Quaker values look like?
  • Where can we find aspects of the economy which are already based on Quaker values?
  • What can we do to move towards a better economy?

The food was lovely and we all went away with ideas of steps we all might take to make the New Economy a reality.


Meeting for Learning –  November 2016 – March 2017

A series of Meetings for Learning have been held at Spiceland.  These follow the Quaker 5-year plan, Faith in the Future.

Topics covered were ‘Meeting for Worship as the centre of our faith’,  ‘Quaker Communities are loving inclusive and all age’, ‘All Friends understand and live by Quaker Discipline’,   ‘Quaker values are active in the world’, ‘Quakers work collaboratively’ and ‘Quakers are well known and widely understood’.


CHAT at Spiceland – 19th March 2017

Ruth Morley from Church Housing Action Team visited Spiceland and gave a talk on the work of CHAt after the Meeting for Worship.


Book Share Lunch on Sunday 26 of February after Meeting for Worship

pile of booksFollowing Meeting for Worship, a group met happily together on Sunday 26 February 2017 for our fourth book share.   Over a shared lunch we heard about these books:

  • The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum by Heinrich Boll
  • Prince Charles – Breaking the Cycle by James Morton
  • Portraits by Steve McCurry
  • Concise British Flora in Colour by W. Keble Martin
  • A handmade Life – in search of simplicity by Wm S Coperthwaite
  • Holloway by Robert MacFarlane, Stanley Donwood, Dan Richards
  • The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom
  • True Refuge by Tara Brach
  • Uncertain Light by Marion Molteno

Contemplation books

  • Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy
  • For Love of the Real” by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
  • The meditations for practising the Course  and  The Promise of a New Day by Karen Casey


Book Share Lunch on Sunday 9 October

pile of booksFollowing Meeting for Worship, a group met happily together on Sunday 9 October for our third book share and we shared lunch and these books:

  • Oxford Mathematics Study Dictionary by Frank Tapson
  • The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  • Girl Guiding by Lord Baden-Powell
  • Devon – Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of England – Nikolaus PevsnerBridget Cherry
  • How to change the world by John Paul Flintoff
  • Ten poems to change your life by Roger Housden
  • Queen of the Desert – The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell by Georgina Howell
  • A peep behind the scenes by Mrs O F Walton


Heritage Weekend at Spiceland  122027

During the Heritage weekend in September the oldest Quaker Meeting House in Devon, complete with thatched linhay, ancient and newly created green burial ground, in delightful grounds and rural setting was open to the public.

The event included an exhibition “This is the Light that Pushes Me”  about reconciliation and trauma relief work in Africa.


Garden Party at Spiceland

130430The Garden Party (held on 18th June) was a very successful day, visitors seemed to be very happy to be there, 125030lingered and had refreshments, listened to the music group and the history talk.  The music was provided by Exeter Quaker Singers, and with music on a hurdy girdy people enjoying a line dance; we heard about the history of Spiceland in the Meeting House and walking around the Burial Grounds, and there was a small a book stall. Cakes and refreshments were generously provided and served all day.


Befriending Death

On Saturday 7 May there was an interactive workshop exploring our attitudes to our own mortlity, or ‘How to live better by knowing death better’.  Led by funeral director and funeral celebrant Graham West, it was well supported with 16 people attending.


Visit from Ruth from Church Housing Action Team (CHAT)

On Sunday 10 April following Meeting for Worship, Ruth gave a short talk on the Tiverton based CHAT.   There was a voluntary collection with the proceeds going to CHAT.


Taize singing 

FollowTaize at Spicelanding on from the successful events held in 2015, a small group from Spiceland gathered again to sing some chants from the Taize community  on Sunday 3 April and  24 April 2016 following Meeting for Worship.  Both events were followed by a shared lunch.




Book Share Lunch on Sunday 20 March 2016

pile of booksA small group met together on Sunday 20 March, following Meeting for Worship, and we shared lunch and two books and a journal:

  • Portraits by Steve McCurry – an amazing book without words
  • Nora Webster by Colm Toibin – an Irish novel about bereavement
  • Resurgence with an article about growing vegetables naturally in the style of Shumei



Life of Spiceland 2015

The Spiceland report on 2015 that was submitted to Area Meeting can be found here.


Just This Day on Wednesday 25 November 2015

just-this-day-logo-2015 reducedFor the international ‘Just This Day’ event, Spiceland Quaker Meeting House was open for meditation and quiet reflection from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday 25th November. Several people, including members of the Meeting, used the space. It was felt to have been a valuable occasion by those who came.



Astronomy Evening on Wednesday 18 November 2015

Tiverton & Mid Devon Astronomy Society held a special event in the grounds of 634742996465510906-planet-saturn Spiceland Meeting House on Wednesday 18 November at 7.30pm. Guidance on the use of telescopes was given along with a discussion about the stars and planets that were visible on the night. Visibility was fair and participants were able to see close-ups of the moon along with the Perseides. Different constallations were also located along with their positions. Warm drinks were provided.





Book Share Lunch on Sunday 27 September 2015

pile of books On Sunday September 27th after Meeting for Worship at Spiceland eight people share a book or two over a picnic lunch as we spoke about books that “spoke to our condition” These were the books:

  • Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • The Little House in the Big Wood by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  • Earth’s Children – The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel
  • George Fox and the Quakers by Henry Van Etten
  • Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone by J K Rowlings
  • Twopence to cross the Mersey by Helen Forrester
  • Caleb’s Cross by Geraldine Brooks



200 Year Anniversary Celebration  on Saturday 27th June 2015

DSCN6376-SmallWith beautiful sunshine and the garden and grounds alive with the sound of foraging bees, singing birds, and the heady scent of flowers, Spiceland Friends celebrated the 200th anniversary of the rebuilding and renovation of their Meeting House, on Saturday 27th June, 2015.

Joined by upwards of eighty visitors over the course of the day, Spiceland Friends served refreshments from the Gingham Room, as well as offering a wild life walk, a commemorative apple tree planting, and a Spiceland history walk. The Meeting House with its small library was open to visitors who could also picnic and enjoy the peace and quiet of the extensive grounds.

Watched by a large crowd, a commemorative apple tree was planted by Oscar and his brother Archie from Taunton Quaker Meeting, ably supervised by Sue Hannam from Spiceland. The purpose of planting an apple tree on that spot was to commemorate the continuity that runs through the history of Spiceland; there was an orchard in the field in which the new tree was planted. The involvement of Oscar and Archie linked the past, the present and the future. These young people like the new apple tree will go forward to our shared future.DSCN6390-Small

After the planting we joined Margaret Stocks, Elder for a short Meeting for Worship around the tree.

Local historian from Spiceland, John Bell, conducted a group of around fifty people on a tour of the grounds, explaining the early history of Spiceland, right up to modern times.

There was a voluntary collection during the day with the proceeds going to the Tiverton based  Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT).